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7 Tips for Building A Solid Teamwork

7 Tips for Building A Solid Teamwork No comments 7 Tips for Building A Solid Teamwork 7 Tips for Building A Solid Teamwork. Working with teammates do not always fun. Secocok anything with your friends, there is always a time when everyone's opinions can differ. There are also times when one of your colleagues are experiencing problems, thus decreasing its performance. To be able to finish the job and keep good relationships every day you need to keep the rhythm of working together. And like a car that needs to be routinely checked, you also need to always pay attention to the following matters: 1. Expectations towards work and the resultsEach member needs to understand why they are placed in a team and for what purpose. Whether this is permanent or for a team project course? What is the mission of your job entailed? The extent to which the division of time and the role of each team member, it also needs to be remembered. 2. CommitmentEach team member needs to have the same commitment, to achieve the mission work. The extent to which you view your contribution to the company and also for the improvement of yourself? This question also needs to always be submitted to any other team members. 3. CompetenceIs the competency of the team has been uneven or tend to be dominated by certain people and others only work in the background? Instead, each member has certain capabilities so as a team will have greater strength again. It should be seen also, if after you and your friends into one team, there are developmental abilities or not? If not, maybe you need to apply for training at the SDM. 4. WorkflowThe extent to which the workflow is lived is now effective and gives good results? To be sure, to be seen whether you and your friends have to understand the roles and responsibilities of each, in accordance with a role in the team. If something happens suddenly to interrupt the workflow, Talk together to anticipate them. Do not wait until a problem occurs. 5. CommunicationYour team will not be able to work optimally if there is no good communication. For that, you need to make sure that your relationships with colleagues based on a sincere and honest communication. Likewise with the boss and the company. Make sure that the work of the team are always getting feedback from superiors and the company. Because, if there is no suggestion or criticism, how do you know that everything has been running on track? 6. ConsequenceAlways think of the consequences of any action against the self, team, and also the company. Is the decision that you experience can affect the other friends? What if your team does not successfully meet a given target? Always think about this and talk with your teammates. 7. Reaction to changeOver time, you and your team can experience a variety of changes. It can come from team members, interaction with outsiders, and company policy. The extent to which your team can deal with this change? This needs to be discussed seriously together. source: kompas.com

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